ASL Bat 2

Deaf People Make Smart Superheroes!

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When I imagine Deaf superheroes I always think they have more common sense. Why? Whenever my sons see characters like the Green Lantern having problems communicating, they say — “Why aren’t they using ASL??”

Indeed, why aren’t the best and brightest in the comics universe signing already?

No Capes!

What? But all superheroes have them, right? 

Nope! This Bat is too intelligent for that. Capes block the hands and the material is far too easy for enemies to grab.

Instead, when flying by rope, a special lightweight shield deploys from the back. It works like a parachute, decreasing the speed of travel.

In addition to incredible parkour and martial arts skills, the Bat is adept at using light to hinder and catch criminals. The large logo at the center of the suit doubles as a powerful spotlight that blinds those who try to lurk in darkness. Flash-bang grenades and assorted tools line the slim hidden pockets in the belt.

Like the “ASL Bat” logo? It’s available on a t-shirt at!

Pardon the Dust!

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I just realized this blog hasn’t been updated in more than a year! My plate was completely overflowing for most of 2013, and I didn’t have much time to do new personal artwork. As you can see, my theme broke with the most recent WordPress update. It’s time for an overhaul, and a redesign as well. Do feel free to look through the archives until the new design comes in!