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Adrean Clark is the Deaf woman behind adreanaline. One of her earliest memories is of visiting the home of Deaf artist William Sparks and being surrounded by his paintings and the unique scent of his studio. As she got older, illustration became an occasional hobby, one that won her and her class a little recognition at the North Carolina School for the Deaf for winning the class poster competition two years in a row.

After a stint at Gallaudet University, Adrean worked as a freelance web and graphic designer. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with webcomics in 2003 that Adrean knew she had found her calling. Her first comic strip, “My Hands Full,” appeared in SIGNews (2003-2005, 2009-2012). Another strip, “Deaf Profiles,” also appeared in SIGNews.

Not satisfied with only comic strips, Adrean took a leap to full-scale books with 8 Ways to Be Deaf. That book and subsequent books were one of the first, if not the first culturally Deaf ebooks on the Apple iBookstore and Amazon Kindle markets. She drew on her 8 years of experience working as Creative Director of The Tactile Mind Press and its successor Clerc Scar to produce those books.

Adrean is also an advocate for many issues relating to the culturally Deaf and signing communities. (One of her largest projects, the White House petition for recognition of ASL, successfully garnered over 37,000 signatures with the incredible support of friends, family, and community.) She currently makes her home in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with her husband, writer and poet John Lee Clark, and their three creative boys.

Group Exhibitions:
April 2014 – “De’VIA: The New Wave” Gallaudet University
October 2011 – “Putting Creativity to Work” VSA of Minnesota

Interview with Artist Adrean Clark – Michael Northen, Wordgathering
The Passionate Lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People – Karen Putz
Sign Language Supporter Awaits White House Response – Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune

8 Ways to Be Deaf (out of print)
The Census Taker and Other Deaf Humor
Survival ASL: 25 Essential Signs for Kids
ASL Rápido: 25 Señas Importantes Para Niños
Survival ASL: 25 Essential Signs for Dating
Getting Rich in the eBook Gold Rush: A Mining Kit for Comic Artists (out of print)
How to Write American Sign Language (out of print)

Further publications are:
2012 Abbe de l’Epee Special Issue, Art’Pi Guest Comic
2009-2011 The Lighter Side, RID Views
2010 Fall on Me, Nemu*Nemu, and Odori Park Guest Comics
2009 City Pages Comix Issue – “Sota Soda” and “Minnesota Thrice Nice” comic strips
2009 Little Funny #22 “The Glass Pane: A Deaf/Hearing Story”
2005 NADmag Cover for deaf community magazine’s “Emerging Technologies” theme
2005 “Roadkill Date” Guest Comic Strip, Kevin and Kell 9: Straight Outta Computers

Honors and Awards:
2013 Grassroots Advocacy Award by the Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans (3/13)
March 2013 Deaf Person of the Month at Deaf Life Magazine
2010 VSA Project Grant for Emerging Artists with Disabilities

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