Pay Deaf Artists

This is a common problem in the Deaf community — where we undervalue members of our own community. A hearing artist was recently hired to give a performance at CEASD. He was paid to give a live musical painting next to a video of George Veditz signing. It was hurtful to Deaf artists to see the footage.

More information has come up about the situation since the comic was posted on Facebook (the event was organized for CEASD by a local committee, and the artist was paid about $1,000 for his services), but the sentiment remains the same.

PayDeafArtists Comic Page 1

PayDeafArtists Comic Page 2

PayDeafArtists Comic Page 3

PayDeafArtists Comic Page 4

Transcript of text:

Hello Deaf reader! Come in and sit.

We need to talk.

If your stomach dropped, imagine how I felt seeing this at CEASD.

Veditz – Noblest Gift

Hearing non-signer (painting Veditz to music)

This guy had a Deaf audience (money being thrown at him)

I’m Deaf (person turning thumbs down at artwork)

You paid him thousands when my artwork of Veditz was turned down for less than $100 by one of your organizations.


“Prefer Free!”

There’s a reason for “Living Wage”! (money equals food)

Deaf artists create art that reflect the heart of the community.

Break that connection and you get blank space.

The solution is simple. You pay, we create.

Everybody wins!

-END – (artist signature Adrean Clark)

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